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When it comes to going into business online, one of the easiest and most lucrative methods is through Affiliate Marketing. This is because becoming an affiliate marketer requires no experience, no website and simple promotional techniques that will convert prospective buyers into customers.

For the relative newcomer, affiliate marketing offers a planned method and blueprint to begin making sales online. There are a multitude of different opportunities, niches and markets to choose from. A person can become an affiliate for just about anything
from digital products to flowers and everything in between.

In this e-book, we will cover the basics of affiliate marketing to give you an idea of where to start, how to get started and what websites are good to work with. We will then move into how to become a profitable affiliate in 60 days or less, becoming an affiliate
insider and some advanced techniques that if applied properly will take your earnings to the next level.

This e-book is not the end all in affiliate learning; instead, it is a good step-off point that will lead you to other e-books that will expand your horizons and earnings. By the time you finish reading this e-book, you will be able to implement a concrete plan that will get you into earning money quickly and easily. These techniques have worked for a long time, and they work consistently to earn money from affiliate marketing if followed.

If you are already familiar with affiliate marketing, this e-book will give you new techniques to add to your marketing arsenal so that you can increase your affiliate earnings and expand on the methods that you use in order to be successful. So, without further ado, let’s get started on our journey to affiliate profitability!

Basics of Affiliate Marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing is a variation on the outside sales position except that it all happens in cyber-space, and there is no door-to-door component. Think of yourself as the salesman, one of many, for a specific product or service and you’ve mastered the basics of what is an affiliate. People have all kinds of products and services that they want to sell online. Part of the process to become successful is to have a large amount of traffic that is interested in what you have to offer. The way you can accomplish this is by having salesman or affiliate promote your products. When a sale is made, you share the earnings with your affiliate/salesman through commissions.

Successful affiliates make a good living by promoting products and services of other vendors in order to make that commission. For the purposes of this e-book, I will focus on one of the easiest affiliate networks to get started –Clickbank and list the others with a brief look at the larger networks. Once you learn how an affiliate network like Clickbank works, you will be able to expand that to other larger networks that have a myriad of different products and services that are commissionable. Clickbank is one of the largest, oldest affiliate networks out there online. Clickbank sells only digital products, is extremely easy to learn how to use and has a ton of vendors just waiting to snap up a good affiliate.
There is no waiting time to become a part of the
Clickbank affiliate family, and the commissions are
much higher than the other networks, with some
commissions going as high as 75%.
Clickbank is an affiliate network in that it is a whole
bunch of vendors and affiliates all working under the
umbrella organization called Clickbank.
Through Clickbank, products and services are bought and
sold, accounting goes on within the network and
commissions are calculated per product sold. Before we
go any further, let’s look at what you can potentially
earn from one product.
For example: You promote and sell on Clickbank product
called Maverick Money Makers: Get Paid For Life!. It
sounds like a pretty exciting product, right?
Well, it has the highest payout of any Top 10 Clickbank
Product and is the Top Converting product offer online.
It pays out at a 50% commission level.
When you look at it’s pitch page, it is endorsed by
some pretty heavy weight people including CNBC, As Seen
On TV, Small Business Opportunities, Fox News, CBS News
and Readers Digest.
As an affiliate, you will earn 50% of the $97 dollar
price tag, and it’s repaid on a monthly basis.
So, that means that for every person who signs up
through your affiliate link (which we will get in a
minute), you will be paid $44 each month as long as
that person stays signed up.
What do you think if you simply stuck with this
affiliate program and reached their magical 100
referral mark. That’s $4400 per month for promoting
only one product.
Are you beginning to see how lucrative affiliate
marketing can be?
Think about how much you could make if you found 10
affiliate programs like this one? This is not only
possible, but not that hard to accomplish if you know
Look on Clickbank and find 10 things that you think you
might want to sell.
Make a list because as you learn more, you may want to
revise it, and you may find that your choices are

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