Use Marketing Statistics To Strike Gold

When you are getting started in affiliate marketing or any marketing for that matter, it can be hard to know what to write about or what to create content about next. This is where having some knowledge about the keywords that people are coming into your site from is very valuable. Keywords are the basis where marketing statistics are measured.

If you do not already have a statistics programs up on your website then now is the time to have one. Most free sites and revenue share sites will offer statistics so you just need to figure out how to access them if that is what you are using.

The most important thing about a statistics account is knowing the keywords that people are coming in to your website from. Google analytics is a free statistics program that offers this. StatCounter is another good one.

Learning how to use whatever statistics programs you choose is important. There are many metrics that you can use to improve the way your website interacts with its visitors, but right now we will just talk about the keywords that people used to come in to each individual page.

Keywords Measures Your Marketing Statistics

If you have a sales page this is a good one, go to the statistics information for this page and see where people are coming from. Analize if there any keywords that you had not considered? Are there any keywords that are on a different but related topic? Are there any topics – indicated by the keywords –  that you should be covering but aren’t?

Make some new pages for these different but related topics and any topics that you should be covering but aren’t. Use your statistics as a tool to know what people are really searching for.  You don’t have to pay $56 a month for a keyword tool in the beginning. You can do is dig into your own statistics and see what you should be writing about next.

Are people searching for products and winding up at your website even though you don’t sell or promote them? This is actually a really good indication that this particular product is underrepresented on the Internet. If you are getting traffic for a product you don’t even sell then maybe you should consider creating a page about this product and selling it. If there were already a bunch of good pages on this product they would be getting that traffic not you.

Also, looking at your statistics you can easily see what Google and the other search engines think your pages are about. If that does not match what they’re actually about, then maybe they need some rewriting or tweaking.

Regardless of exactly how you use the statistical information about how people are coming into your website the information is very valuable. You will want to print out and keep copies of this information as your site grows so you can keep track of how your website is evolving.

If you lose traffic on a certain keyword this is something to be aware of and possibly something to take action on – especially if it is a buying keyword.

So just realize that your website’s marketing statistics are gold and treat them as such. Basically, you can use this information to find out what your visitors are truly wanting and really searching for and then give it to them.

Maximizing the use of keywords in your content is the primary purpose of strategic internet marketing. Aside from using statistics programs such as Google Analytics, there are others such as MaxStats, AcaStat or Stata. But some of them costs more money than you expect them to be. Google Analytics is free and very robust; all you have to do is learn how to configure it and make it work in your website.

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